Closed Circuit TV

What companies are authorized to install a CCTV?

In the State of TN, a Security Alarm Company shall be licensed by the TN Alarm Contractors Board. No person or company shall engage in or hold themselves out as engaging in the business of an alarm systems contractor without first being certified by the Board. Shoney’s Electronic Repairs #1138.

What is a Closed Circuit Television System?

This system enables the owner/management staff to monitor their property while not physically being at the location. This system can be installed just to view live video and/or record data up to various times and days.

How does a CCTV System work?

A camera will be installed in a specified location for an area’s monitoring. The camera will be connected to a recording device (if recording is specified) that will process the video onto a storage capacity device. A monitor for visible viewing can be added to the recording device to view the footage that has been processed. With this monitor, you may also playback recorded footage from the recording device. Some units has built-in technology that will enable the owner/management to view their recording devices through the Internet.

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